Lait Solaire SPF 15 200ml

  • Lait Solaire SPF 15 200ml
  • Lait Solaire SPF 15 200ml
  • Lait Solaire SPF 15 200ml




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New Lait Solaire, inspired by our legendary Lait Corporel, makes sun protection a truly luxurious ritual for both men and women.
Wrapped in the softness of this body milk formula, skin is protected from the sun thanks to a photostable broad-spectrum filter absorbing UVA/UVB. Its multi-filtering system also combines Vitamin E to neutralise free radicals and block their production. Inseparable from any Biotherm product, Life Plankton™ completes the formula to soothe the skin and stimulate its natural defences.
The irresistible softness of this deliciously citrus-scented melt-in body milk is such a pleasure for the skin, you'll never want to be without it. Sun protection becomes a truly delicious pleasure …
Know which is the best SPF for you - a must to enjoy the sun safely! Choose your sun protection factor.
SPF15 for regularly exposed, resistant skin types or for infrequently exposed, sensitive skin types


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